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Welcome to Dunster Somerset Dogs, dedicated to my beloved WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIERS, affectionately known as Westies of 40 years – from family members – Companions to developing them into Show Dogs and to see how smart they are in Obedience too, their memories will stay with me forever. 

We have had 40 years wonderful years travelling Australia and visiting overseas and the many friends made through this journey.

After my beloved Oliver [Dunster Somerset Oliver], the oldest of my Westies was laid to rest at 15-1/2 years, I said I could now be owned by Golden Retrievers. 

After Kepa [Dunster Somerset Kepsake] my 2nd last Westie was laid to rest,  along came the wonderful, magical Golden Retriever. 

A puppy bitch to socialize for a friend.  Her name is  Shilling [Goldfleece Coin Operated].  She certainly turned my beloved Ghillie’s  [Ch Brean Winter Briar] life into hell at first, but eventually they became good friends.  

Magical Goldens……..a breed  I had longed to  own for 40 years, another dream becoming reality. 

Obedience is best suited to Goldens and I have just the right dog, CadeliCadman, he’s got the right temperament, a sensitive new age guy and ready for a challenge, always at my side.



Betty & calf, along with Kepa & Andy – 2005

Country Life is just wonderful it’s so peaceful and refreshing.  Tank water is so clean and tasteful and precious too.  The rains come and go, but we don’t seem to run out of water.  Abundance of wildlife frequent our paddocks, and drink water from the Borewater trough, but my dogs do not touch them, just watch from them from afar, in their house yard.   Noo wildlife is killed for the fun of it!!!!  After all we are invading their territory …………………….